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Because of the size of our church and the number of youth in our church, our Youth Department is blessed with great leadership. Youth Pastor Evangelist Vandalyn Kennedy along with four capable anointed youth ministers; Missionary Tammy Benton, Missionary Sheldine McLean, Evangelist Benita McNealy and Elder Clarence Sexton, III.

Vision and Mission

The purpose of the Youth and Young Adult Ministry is to enable and empower young people to reach their God created destiny and potential, by helping them to develop a maturing relationship with Jesus Christ. The youth ministry encompasses a holistic approach, addressing the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual life of each young person, helping them to develop their unique gifts and assisting them in removing obstacles to that development. The vision is to see young people effectively reached and equipped so that their lives are transformed and they fulfil God’s purpose for their lives.


  • To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ and develop a maturing relationship with Him.
  • To provide direction, teaching and training; to equip young people with necessary tools to live victorious lives, eventually winning others to Christ.
  • To draw young people into responsible participating in the life, vision and work of the church.
  • To foster total personal and spiritual growth for each young person.
  • Develop, prepare and cultivate leaders
  • Promote participation of young people in age appropriate activities
  • To foster a "youth friendly" community that welcomes young people, values their participation and calls forth their gifts.
  • Create opportunity for young people to enter into healthy relationships of trust and respect with their peers and adults.
  • To support families of young people by providing resources, programs and services.

Division of Ministry
CHILDREN - "Children of Promise" (Infants through 9 years of age)
Sunshine Band
Children’s Church
Children’s Ministry

PRETEENS - "The Joshua Generation" (ages 10-13)
TEENS - "STOMPP" - "Saved Teens of the Mountain Pursuing Purpose"
(ages 14-19)
YOUNG ADULTS - "On Purpose" Young Adult Ministry (ages 20+)

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